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LeanMachine is an integrated manufacturing solution for full production of costumized stone products

Unique knowledge system for instant tool selection, sorting of operations and path planning.   Simple
Intuitive product design, drag-and-drop slab planning, automatic setup of manufacturing cycle, and lean human machine interface. simple
  All-in-one multifunctional solution ready to work either standalone or integrated in factory production lines.     flex

The LeanMachine Project

Work with Intelligence

Novel algorithms developed from human intelligence and used to assist decision-making during setup of the manufacturing cycle
  • - Smart tool selection with optimised process parameters performed in a in-loop mode according to the type of stone;
  • - Automatic operations sorting generated with maximum efficiency, aiming for time and energy saving
  • - Automatic path planning according to product design full integration
  • - Ability to learn from acquired process data saved on a knowledge base system – continuous optimization

Stone Production with Full Flexibility

A machine that stands for a solution in present-day stone projects requiring intensive production planning, maximum flexibility and management oriented potential. All production data is monitored and easily accessed for instant analysis and/or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration.
LeanMachine means a stone processing turn-key solution that can be employed either in a stand- alone business or in a highly complex production line. It is able to perform the following functions: sawing, milling, drilling, surface finishing, automatic tool change, automatic product transfer between workstations and automatic vacuum blocks placement for product holding.
Designed, manufactured and implemented by a multidisciplinary and experienced team using top-quality parts, this solution adapts itself to increase the OEE (overall equipment effective- ness), decreasing down time and the number of rejections and maximising the run rates according to the integration level achieved.

Operate with Maximum Simplicity

Unique human interface for product design, setup of the manufacturing cycle and machine supervision and control. The solution is designed to perform automatic decisions, avoiding human interference in all critical decision steps:
product design – intuitive 3D model building process through feature addition procedures where all manufacturing information is seamlessly integrated
manufacturing cycle setup – drag-and-drop slab planning; automatic tools selection, sorting of operations and path planning
human machine interface (HMI) – manufacturing cycle supervision and control (production data and parameters); machine supervision (status, alarms, sensors and actuators) and adaptive control (speed)
  • LeanMachine image 1
  • LeanMachine Image2
  • LeanMachine Image 4
  • LeanMachine Iimage 5
  • LeanMachine Stone Test
  • LeanMachine Image3
  • LeanMachine | shaping the f...
  • LeanMachine | shaping the f...

Product Design

Work with Simplicity

Select a face and apply a feature with a single click, (pockets, through pockets, holes, through holes, slots)
Define feature geometry and position
Select surface finishing

Tool Selection

Intelligent Tool Selection

Tool Selection

Manufacturing cycle

Stone Processing

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